What documentation is required for an application?

When clients make contact with us to prepare for mortgage application we provide details of documentation that the lenders will request to process a mortgage. As the documentation can be extensive to pull together if you plan on making an application for mortgage approval it would be good to open a file and start to save the documents below to file so that you have all to hand when you are ready to action that application.
The below list sets out general requirements, all applications are different and it is the job of our mortgage team to work with you on ensure a comprehensive pack is submitted to the bank to avoid queries re additional documents, which delays the approval process.
At Mortgage Horizons our aim when submitting an application is that it is complete so as to ensure that our clients approval requirement are met and approval is issued in an efficient manner.


Income Documents – employed applicants
• Payslips – 3 if paid monthly, 6 if paid fortnightly and 13 if paid weekly
• Salary cert – we can provide a template that will be acceptable to all lenders
• P60 or equivalent – to evidence income in the prior year

Income Documents – self employed applicants
• Form 11 and Chapter 4 receipt for the prior 3 years
Note this is document that is issued via Revenue online system when you/your accountant inputs income figures in Oct/Nov each year. Your tax return for 2019 would generally be filed in Oct/Nov 2020
• Financial Statements – P&L and Balance sheet (signed) for the prior 3 years
• Tax Clearance Cert – available from Revenue online service
• 12 months business bank statements

Bank statements –
• 6 months statements with last transaction to be dated within last 4 week for all accounts –
• Current accounts – single and joint if applicable
• Savings accounts
• Revolut accounts
• 3 months credit card statements

Loan and mortgage statements –
• Loan statements – last 6 months
• PCP copy agreement
• Mortgage Statement – last annual mortgage statement, statements are issued Jan/Feb of the year after relevant year end

AML items –
• Clear copy of passport or driving license
• Utility bill or bank statement

Other –
• Credit check is required if you hold accounts or have lived outside of ROI in the last three years

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