Building your home is an exciting time. It’s your chance to build exactly what you need from the ground up and create the home of your dreams. Whether you have a site with full planning permission or have just started thinking about building your new home, we’re here to help you on your self-build journey. There are some different requirements to a standard mortgage application that your mortgage advisor will be able to explain to you in full.

At Mortgage Horizons Ltd we have vast experience in the finance of build, renovation and extension projects – by leaving the professionals to look after the finance of your build you can ensure you time is well spent managing the construction of your new home.

We will be able to explain how financing the build of your property is different to financing the purchasing of a property and what additional provisions we need to make.

You will need a mortgage that is flexible and our professional advisors will liaise with your solicitor, architect and engineer in securing the requirements for mortgage lending and stage payment draw down as your build progresses.

With many build projects, on completion, the loan to value is strong which puts you in a better position in securing more favourable rates from lenders. We anticipate this and ensure the lender you run with will offer you the best rates for you situation.

We will advise on what to do to anticipate for overruns and ensure finance is on hand should this happen. We will advise on life and household insurance requirements and also how much you will be repaying as funds are released throughout the build.

You may be renting while you build your new home and may need flexible repayment options such as Interest Only repayments or a Mortgage Holiday or Moratorium.

If the site is owned or gifted and there is only one name on title and you would like two applicants on the mortgage we can also help here.

Whatever you need, we are here to help.